Wole Opesanmi

CEO & Founder

Wole is an Inventor, Tech Entrepreneur & Businessman who believes everything can be done creatively with the resources available. He loves the creative process of bringing an idea to life and enjoys intellectual discourses because there is always something new to learn and learning is fun. A calm and easy going fellow who sometimes get very stubborn when assured of a cause. His friends call him Baba.

Tobenna Nwokike

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Tobe is a Full-Stack Developer who got his Technology Education from Coventry University (UK)& Eastern Mediterranean University (Cyprus). A lively guy who can make a joke about anything, (we expect him to be a part-time comedian someday). He is a Hard-worker whom friends & colleagues have branded a workaholic but he is too busy working to even notice.

Khalifa Mustafa

Business Development Executive

Khalifa is a Critical Thinking Business Developer who enjoys the relationship management aspect of business. A quick learner who approaches every task with constructive criticism and enthusiasm. He is a very accommodating and hospitable person who believes in absolute realism even though people mistake it for bluntness.

Dapo Osinuga

Business Development Executive

Dapo is a creative Project Manager & Business Developer who loves to express himself with his creative writing and gets his mental thrills from playing with exciting Tech software,making him a Poetic Creative Genius. He enjoys music, media and history when the sky is blue, but retreats to solitude when the moon comes out. Legends say he was a Werewolf in his previous existence.

Wale Ajayi

Procurement Officer

Wale is an Economist and a Procurement Officer who enjoys the art of Sourcing &Negotiation. An alumnus of Joseph Ayo Babalola University who has very good human relation skills when he starts his day with something black and strong and becomes really playful when a job has been completed before schedule.

Bidemi Oyelola

Social Media Manager

Bidemi is a Talented Social Media Manager who loves to use Sarcasm in expressing himself, he thinks people who don’t understand sarcasm should loosen up a little and have some ice cream. He is generally a Nice guy who only gets angry (with himself) when he charges averagely and does a spectacular job (which is almost always) and why we are happy to have him.

Chijioke Ibegbulem

Videographer & Cinematographer

Chijioke is a skilled videographer and cinematographer who enjoys taking photo shoots for fun. A natural marketer who flows comfortably with people and one who is skilled at keeping a funny conversation going on. It was reported that he is not a fun-loving guy when he sleeps. (Perhaps he makes a not-too melodious music in his sleep).

Abdul-Samad Osunlana

Web Development & Design

Barak is a Web & App Developer who is a champion with SEO & Digital Marketing. A friendly guy who suffers a minor dose of multiple personality disorder (he is cool if you don’t know him & crazy when you know him). He is a shy Nerd during the day and Villain at night, especially when the enemy is the code he needs to crack.

Chinyere Ufomba

Business Development Executive

Chinyere is a creative business developer, who is an Entrepreneurial and industrious businesswoman. An alumnus of Babcock University who sometimes become a clown when happy and merry (especially when she achieves a Task) but becomes extremely reserved when there is nothing creative to do. Lollipops generally brightens her mood.

Phillip Obioha


Phillip is a distinguished Graphics Designer who got his Computer Science & Graphics Design education from the University of Lagos, his friends say that he is a very lively person when not hungry, and becomes an alien (who don’t like humans) when hungry, but we love him anyway.